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The screenshots are giving "Enter The Gungeon but without the puns." How accurate is this?

Nice and Clean !!! Go and conquest :)


How can I contact the developer?

Hi!    social {at}

should add some more creature variety right now it is good but it can become something great with some more variety, love what you have going but can get stale after a bit  loses its sense of wonder pretty quick


Hi! You're right. I have plans to add more enemies, secrets and other events! :) Thanks for your input.

Just curious - what engine was this made in?


Hi! I’ve built the engine from scratch. It has no name yet :)

is this bootleg nuclear throne


Whaaaat no WAY my dude! Check it out you will NOT be disappointed 😁


Reminds me more of Enter the Gungeon tbh

Is this Early Access? It's shows it on the Steam page.


Yes, I've updated the notice at the top to make it more clear :) Thank you.


how many downloads did your game got
check and tell me please ! 

Deleted 222 days ago

bro its not better
are you fool ?!?!

Is this game to be releaase on Steam?

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Yes, working on that! But anyone who buys it here will get a steam key once it's launched there.

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This game is Insanely Awesome!!!! Here's a video I did on Dungeon Core if you wanna check it out:

 I'm a huge fan of roguelike twin stick shooter bullet hell games, and this does all of that perfectly! You definitely want to get this game if you like these kinda games!