Dungeon Core 0.9.1

Hello there,

I'm excited to bring you a new update. This one should improve the image quality a lot (there was a gamma-related bug earlier). You can now tune the gamma in options to your liking. We have tried updating the game in the http://itch.io client and it works fine (no save data is lost). If you zip it up yourself, make sure you keep your current "game.sav"-file located in the game folder.

Some other improvements include:

•Gamma correction (fixes overall image quality)
•Store upgrade feedback improvements 
•You now start out with one key
•Area name displayed at start and on minimap
•Improved UI animations
•Death screen will now show a summary of tech gathered
•Balanced some items
•Bullet time now lets you shoot/reload at "regular speed"
•3 New items (Cyborg, Artificial heart, Grappling hook) Fixed some minor visual effects

Let me know if I can help! Hope you all enjoy it.


Dungeon Core 53 MB
Version 1.0.4 Jun 15, 2020

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