Dungeon Core 0.9.7

Hey all,

It's been way too long since last patch! I've spent a lot of time on the new themes and enemies. I've fixed a lot of small bugs and did some balancing work, as well as some sprite improvements. The list below will only highlight some of the top changes.

Some of the new features:

  • Weapon upgrader in shop can now also upgrade weapon rank
  • New items (Frozen heart, Ice bullets)
  • New theme
  • New enemies
  • New boss
  • New game mode (Radioactive rush, unlockable)
  • New weapon rank
  • A few new weapon upgrades
  • New suit (Unlockable)

Radioactive rush:
Radioactive rush is a new game mode that is designed to be a slightly new experience where you will have to spend your time wisely in order to survive under harsh conditions. This mode is a bit harder than the default game mode and it is expected that some permanent upgrades are at least level 2~3.

Moving forward:
I will continue adding some more items, adjusting some enemies, and improving the graphics. I am open to keep developing the new game mode until it has just the right balance between fun and challenge.



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Version Aug 30, 2021

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