Dungeon Core - Steam Release!

I'm happy to announce that dungeon core was just released as Early Access on steam!! :D

Thanks for all the feedback and support I've got from you guys!

Here are some of the updates for the new release:

- Stage 2 boss updates
- Added 3 new items (crowbar, helmet, hacking device)
- Containers (small crates & barrels) can now contain items
- Improved room lighting & decoration
- Added fumes from pits to improve the general feel
- Added new rooms
- Camera fixes in treasure rooms
- Reduced enemy count on first level in stage 2
- Minor AI fixes
- Added BugSplat (to get crash information to devs)
- Balanced keys and other loot
- Octoboss bug fix
- Swap weapons with DPad-down / 'X'
- Fixed a particle related crash
- Fixed a bug where you could purchase an item by reloading
- Mine disabled on 2nd boss
- Displays weapon UI when standing next to weapon
- Steam achievements



Dungeon Core 53 MB
Version Aug 12, 2020

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