Dungeon Core 0.9.5

Hi all!

In this patch I've focused on making some of the items & weapons more fun. Some items can now have enemies/terminals marked with a red cross. Marked enemies take 25% more damage. Some of the items interact with marked enemies in different ways.  Every weapon and item added to the game in the future will be unlockable in the shop, from Sewer floor 3, or further.

Update notes:

-Newer items will be unlockable in the shop. They have a 33% chance to appear in the shop starting from Sewer floor 3.
-New weapon Vulkan (unlock at shop).
-Reworked the pulse gun (unlock at shop).
-New item, Sharpshooter (unlock at shop).
-Reworked Scope item.
-Reworked Bluescreen error item.
-Reworked Contract item.
-Reworked Computer Matrix item.
-Reworked Control system item
-Lower price on gun parts.
-Gun parts can now drop from barrels/crate and now have a sound when the drop.
-Gun parts have the same pickup range as tech.
-Energy weapons now dissolves enemies, preventing any "death-attack" (such as sewer squid exploding).
-Doors opens faster after a room is cleared.
-New weapon stat (Full charge bonus). Applicable to all charged weapons.
-New weapon stat (Recharge bullet). Applicable to all non-charged weapons.
-New weapon stat (Piercing ray). Currently only applicable to Pulse gun.
-Bombrat will now instantly explode when dead and not continue charging forward.
-Successfully hacking a teleporter no longer closes it.
-Updated teleporter hacking animations & minimap icon.
-Added a new tech piece worth 100 and another tech piece that only drops when using the "Contract" item.
-The camp will now have a blueish mood light after beating the game.
-Updated some sprites and various small fixes.

I hope you enjoy!



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Version Sep 24, 2020

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