Version 0.9.2 live

Hello! We got some changes to make the game easier early on while still providing a fun & challenging experience! The most noticeable change is that you now can "phase-walk" through projectiles instead of trying to clear the projectile path by jumping. 

  • Replaced "Jump" ability with "Phase-walk" which allows you to phase through projectiles without taking any damage.
  • Food prices are lower on the first few levels but gradually increases.
  • The store now always have a Gun Stat machine.
  • Reduced movement penalty after jumping (now phase-walking)
  • Added a title screen
  • Minor typos

If you unzip the game yourself (not using the itch app), make sure you keep the "game.sav" file!



Dungeon Core 53 MB
Version 1.0.5 Jun 28, 2020

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